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Vessel_960_CosmicCruiser.htm - Feb 2015 Prj start?
Vessel_960_CosmicCruiser.htm - Feb 2015 Prj start?


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Here we will engage in going to fun and exciting places
as we discover our workings and offerings for the Glory of God
A Christian Perspective of Biblical Truth we share

A Christian's View Point

Oh, and a doggy to.
Man's best friend so it has been said
did you know that dog spelled backwards is:







What did happen at Mt Sinai
and is their any kind of proof


Christian View Point


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Now we're lost right.


This is an:
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. what is Genesis 1 really telling us

over 30 + Years of Lies
Row Wade
the Lie it is.


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I'm gonna call this a doohicky cooper bar like cylindar thingy - [used in the deeper regions of CyberSpace]






12:20pm,... that's interesting...
yeah, and another thing I found comfort in; while traveling to and from Florida on those long trips as a child; was the radio stations.
I think it was inpart because it was most often during the long periods in the countryside hills, mountans and thingys,
the ambiguity if-you-will; as a child with awareness, which I didn't have, to young to drive; but, imagine; cruising into the...

Always liked the word too, ambiguity, a state of confusion, yet control, at just 10ne point, even over the VOR.
From the earlier days of flying, ambiguity could be interesting... And today, in this generation;.now the word works...
And underestanding it, with it's depth, like the ambiguous nature of how so many truly stupid people there are, in 1 block...
That's fricking nuts, house upon house, where the rats nest, house upon house...
Think they know!?... They haven't a clue the warning that was given so long ago...
And now here we are, 70 years in and a boneified plague for our modern day mess...
God has given yet another warning - a world of ambiguity, cluelessly clear, the end, near...
Conscious bags of flesh flopping around, lying about the last aCcursed curse aproved...

It's hot OR cold with God.
the mind-of-man is being evaluated
Why is that so hard to reason and apply....
Oh, I know why, because no one is listening to NATURE
; many are called, few are...
Go figure huh.... tootles

Now that's one bit of a riddle
One will need the key to see the wisdom
But to understand, one must have the eyes to see













The MoodyBlues - - -1991 MoodyBlues-NightsInWhiteSatin1991 - - - Nights In White Satin



............................... x
















Lets take a Vessel Voyage and end up the last few minutes arriving close to here, but from oouterspace [ a coming attraction hahaha]


If you click on a link above you will be going to a Frame
It is a functioning part of an html structure of frames...

the possible link above takes you to a "built" video.
An imaginary 1m40s trip from earth orbit to here...
Well actually above here looking down.
best I could do here, no real space ship...

The Frame is the Primary Viewing Screen
on the Stellar Studies Cruise


Thius is a pretty bigplace huh.

Why don't you do some research on this local
Then we can add so goodies to this here to help...
to help idiots amoung us that the Transformer Movie
ISN't why this structure is here, really, Giants...

Go figure huh....








Rolling Image page - Project - Payton's Place - Blender
Rolling Image page - Textures Working
Farming Sim 2013 Project 2020
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The Sinai Revelation
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Rapture what
1999 Mech Warrior - Warriors of Honor - - gaming Clan
OOS _3x3 Table Embed Project testpage
The Theater 1920 Frame-Set test link - Vert R Frame













































Oh boy,
















Oh boy


Something's just below us now


little bit further


Okay, what we have he is really unrelated to what we're here for now
This image is going to be our launch to Image map.

better said, click the right place on the right image and away we go


First place we go is to some pictures of the site your "technology cannot access correctly
so Im going to show you a few pictures with a limited, simulated functioanlty

click on the first Bble image to get to the first of out little image tour
you guys will be the first sets of eyeball to ever see what you are about to see
And will be the only ones to date to ever have a clue as to what's really in my head.

Creatively speaking I guess

a Ponder Page The_Massorah ImageGs/CyberScraps_2DWorkings_ImageHarvest_Enterprise_NX-01. VesselOneTruthExplorer_v1. BibleQuize_CodeMatrix.txt the tables embed testPage The Canon of Scripture scientific death of Jesus a Study in Genesis





















This is indeed of the first of it's kind
I can vouch for that, a prototype!

an html Construct
a Delievery System
it's for delivering a way
a way to show just how well
how well they will be deceived.

I think this is dating back to t first of 2012... I think,

Oh, did I say it's very functional, lots of places to click for bait

oooh, yeah, with Audio and Video access, right here on a page like this




































































the Testing Trough
Not to be used without Authorization
1920 x 1080 as well
test UTube embed vid Canyon Prayer
The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
Requires 1920x1080 - Project: Stellar Study Cruiser
1999 Mech Warrior - Warriors of Honor - - gaming Clan
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